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4 ways to avoid a trucker’s blind spots

Commercial truck drivers play an important role in modern society. After all, consumers need the goods delivery drivers and others regularly transport. Still, due to the nature of large vehicles, truckers often have larger blind spots than other drivers. 

A blind spot is an obstructed area in the visual field. Because commercial trucks are often large with long trailers, truck drivers may not be able to see vehicles around them. Here are four ways to avoid a trucker’s blind spots: 

1. Do not tailgate 

When considering a trucker’s blind spots, you need not only worry about the sides of the vehicle. On the contrary, you must also realize that commercial drivers may not be able to see you if you follow too closely. Therefore, do not tailgate. Instead, follow the three-second rule to be sure you keep a safe distance. 

2. Do not stop suddenly 

If you are too close to the front end of a truck, the driver may not see you. Furthermore, because an 18-wheeler may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, the truck cannot stop nearly as quickly as your car, truck or SUV. If your vehicle decelerates rapidly, you may find yourself in a rear-end crash. Accordingly, always allow sufficient space between your vehicle and the semi-truck behind it. 

3. Signal early 

Given the high number of semi-trucks on New Jersey’s many highways, you may eventually need to pass one. When you do, signal early. That is, turn on your blinker when you still have a clear view of the truck’s side mirrors. Doing so increases the likelihood that the driver sees you before you begin to overtake his or her vehicle. 

4. Pass quickly 

Finally, you must realize that even if you drive responsibly, truckers have blind spots. Accordingly, if you need to pass a commercial vehicle, do so quickly. Put simply, you should not stay beside the truck longer than is necessary. 

If you regularly drive, you likely cannot avoid semi-trucks forever. Therefore, you must understand how to avoid trucker blind spots. With a bit of care, you can likely arrive at your destination without incident.