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3 mistakes to avoid immediately after a New Jersey crash

The vast majority of trips in motor vehicles are uneventful. Most drivers go years without ever experiencing collisions. When crashes do occur, people may struggle to react appropriately.

Small mistakes made in the moments after a collision can affect someone’s finances, their health and their legal rights. Although seeking to avoid collisions whenever possible is still the best scenario for modern motorists, knowing what mistakes to avoid can also be beneficial.

What missteps do people often make following serious collisions?

Keeping the crash private

There are many reasons why one driver might ask the other to keep the matter private instead of involving local authorities after a collision. Maybe they have a commercial driver’s license and could lose their job over a ticket holding them accountable for a crash. Perhaps they have let their license or insurance lapse and worry about the possibly expensive consequences of driving without meeting state requirements. Those who agree to bypass the reporting process after a car crash may have a very hard time protecting themselves later. Without a crash report, it may be difficult to file a lawsuit or an insurance claim.

Rushing on with the day instead of seeking help

Frequently, people view a car crash as an inconvenient disruption. Their main goal is to get on with their day as quickly as possible after reporting the collision. Unfortunately, that desire to resolve things quickly often means cutting corners, including with the health of the people involved in the crash. Internal bleeding and other invisible injuries are easy for people to overlook after a serious collision. It’s usually better to undergo an evaluation to rule out internal injuries than it is to move on with one’s day assuming there have been no injuries.

Settling an insurance claim quickly

The person who caused the crash typically provides the coverage that pays for the wreck. The claimant requesting compensation for property damage and injury expenses may spend months communicating back and forth with insurance professionals. A settlement or lump-sum payment often seems like the best solution for those involved in collisions. While settlements may be convenient, they often involve an end of insurance company liability. Even if someone has unexpected, new costs after agreeing to a settlement, they may not be able to request additional compensation.

Those who understand the mistakes that are most common following serious car wrecks may have an easier time avoiding missteps that could affect their finances or their health. Taking the right steps and avoiding common challenges after a car crash may help people limit the lasting consequences that a collision inspires.