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We Stand Strong For Vineland Bicycle Accident Victims

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident in Vineland or anywhere in South Jersey? The attorneys at Testa Heck Testa & White, P.A., have the skill and experience to help you pursue full and fair compensation for your losses.

Bicyclists have most of the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of cars and trucks, but their rights are often ignored on the road. Our attorneys handle all types of bicycle accident claims, including those arising from negligent behavior such as:

  • Ignoring bicycle lanes
  • Crowding a bicycle off the shoulder
  • Striking bicycles in intersections
  • “Dooring” a bicyclist

Whether you were hit by a car, truck or other vehicle, we can provide you with the skilled and effective personal injury representation you need.

Pedestrian Accidents

As unprotected as bicyclists are, pedestrians are even more vulnerable to injury when struck by a moving vehicle. Motorists are required to take precautions when driving near pedestrians, but all too often fail to do so. Dangerous behaviors such as distracted driving, speeding and intersection violations lead to numerous pedestrian injuries and deaths in New Jersey every year.

Talk To An Experienced Lawyer About Your Personal Injury Claim

Our attorneys work tenaciously to protect our clients and to make New Jersey roads safer for everyone. To learn how we can help you with your bicycle or pedestrian accident claim, please call us at 856-899-5327 or contact us online.