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Preventing truck accidents this holiday season: Part 1

As the holiday season swings into gear, the one thing you should keep in mind while out is the increase in car and truck accidents in South Jersey. Though there is not much you can do to control other drivers, there are many things you can do to stay safe on the roads. 

Trucks and commercial rigs are much larger than passenger vehicles, and considerably more dangerous. They transport heavy cargo, hazardous chemicals and other goods all across the country. While it may seem like common sense for people to drive responsibly around semi-trucks and commercial vehicles, many motorists make mistakes and act irresponsibly around them to avoid collisions. Here are a few pointers on driving safely to avoid truck accidents

No passing on the right 

People are always in a rush, so much so that they willing engage in dangerous driving behaviors around commercial vehicles. Many states have laws against passing on the right, yet many people ignore it. Passing on the right side of a truck can be a death sentence. Commercial vehicles have several blind zones, meaning truck drivers are not always able to see vehicles on that side, and that motorists should exercise extreme caution when near them. 

Allow two car spaces in distance 

The rear end of a truck has blind spots that span at least two vehicle sizes. People who trail too closely behind semi-trucks are in danger of rear-end collisions. Truckers cannot see right behind the trailer of their vehicles, especially while driving. 

Do not forget that many truckers work long hours and are tired, hungry, irritated and distracted. They may not be aware of how their driving performance and behaviors impact motorists until they end up in collisions. Start driving responsibly and cautiously now to avoid crashes with other vehicles and trucks this holiday season.