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4 reasons ladder accidents tend to occur

Whether you work in a factory, office, warehouse or somewhere else, you may occasionally or routinely climb onto a ladder to reach high places. When you do, you must be careful always to comply with safety recommendations and procedures. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself in a hospital’s emergency room. 

When it comes to ladder safety, the statistics are alarming. Each year, around 130,000 Americans need emergency medical care following a ladder accident. Even worse, more than 300 individuals die in ladder-related incidents. To be sure you do not sustain a serious injury when working with a ladder, you should know why ladder accidents tend to occur. Here are four primary reasons. 

1. Using the wrong ladder 

As you likely know, not every ladder is right for every type of project. If you use a ladder that is either too short or too tall, you may be asking for trouble. Therefore, always choose the correct ladder for each job. If you do not have access to the right ladder, wait until you do. 

2. Climbing on a broken ladder 

Like most of the tools you regularly use, ladders do not last forever. Eventually, even high-quality ladders become weak and unstable. Rather than risking your life by climbing on a broken ladder, order a replacement. 

3. Misusing a ladder 

When you use ladders properly, you have a decreased chance of injuring yourself. Still, there are a variety of ways to misuse a ladder. By committing to avoiding falls at work, you stay safe. Further, you must always wear appropriate safety gear when working on or around ladders. 

4. Placing a ladder in a precarious position 

Your ladder is likely only as good as where you choose to put it. If you place your ladder in a precarious position, such as on an uneven floor, it may not be able to support you adequately. 

Even though ladder accidents cause thousands of injuries every year, many of them are avoidable. By understanding why these accidents often occur, you can better plan for staying safe when working on a ladder.