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Top 3 reasons construction workers fall and get injuries

As a construction worker, you are well aware of the hard work you do. Along with this hard work comes several hazards. Virtually every workplace has some risks, but did you know that the construction industry has the most fall-related fatalities? This shocking statistic means it is crucial for every construction worker to be cognizant of what leads to these deaths. 

There are a lot of reasons construction workers may fall while working, but there are three major ones. Here are the most common hazards contributing to falls on construction sites. 

1. Unprotected edges and openings

Almost every construction site you work at will have unprotected or unguarded holes in the floor, wall openings or edges. Throughout the construction process, it is normal for there to be holes and openings. However, there should be safety nets, guardrails or fall arrest systems implemented by your employer.

2. Improper use of portable ladders

You might use portable ladders frequently. It is crucial to safely position these ladders each time they are in use. Along with improper ladder use, other factors that contribute to falls include overreaching, defective equipment and slipping on rungs. Your employer should ensure you receive proper training for using portable ladders. 

3. Unsafe scaffolding

Scaffolds are necessary for workers like you to complete your job. All scaffolds should have careful consideration for safety and stability when it comes to their construction. Lack of guardrails, support giving way, lack of fall protection and insufficient worker training can all result in falling from scaffolding. 

These are the top three causes of falls according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are several other contributing factors to falls on construction sites. There are also plenty of other causes of injuries and fatalities for construction workers. Construction sites can easily be dangerous, so your employer should be vigilant in preventing workplace injuries. Talk to your employer about these safety hazards.