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Where do the most accidents happen in South Jersey?

Accidents can happen anywhere, but understanding where they occur most frequently is crucial for enhancing personal safety. With its bustling cities, picturesque landscapes and vibrant neighborhoods, traveling in South Jersey is no exception to this rule.

Below, you’ll delve into the data to uncover where the most accidents happen in the southern part of the state.

High traffic zones

Intersections, often characterized by the convergence of multiple roads, are notorious accident hotspots. The hustle and bustle of city life means more vehicles navigating through these crossroads, increasing the likelihood of collisions. Routes like Route 70 and Route 38 witness a higher concentration of accidents due to their heavy traffic flow and multiple intersections. Moreover, downtown areas like Camden and Atlantic City experience heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. The proximity of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists can lead to more serious accidents. Navigating through these areas demands heightened attention from all road users.

Unexpected danger zones

While suburban areas are often associated with calm and safety, accidents can still occur on residential streets. Children playing, pets wandering and the occasional speeding vehicle can lead to unfortunate incidents. Communities in towns like Cherry Hill and Voorhees must remain vigilant, especially in areas with blind corners and limited visibility. Additionally, parking lots, seemingly benign spaces, are surprisingly common venues for accidents. Reversing cars, distracted drivers searching for spots and pedestrians walking between vehicles can result in collisions and minor mishaps. Retail centers and malls, such as the Cherry Hill Mall, often experience these types of accidents.

Challenges beyond the city limits

Rural areas in the state offer picturesque landscapes but come with their unique set of challenges. Curvy roads, often in more scenic regions like the Pine Barrens, require careful navigation. Overestimating a turn or misjudging the road’s curvature can lead to accidents, particularly at night when visibility is reduced. The rural areas may also inspire encounters with wildlife that can cause accidents. Deer and other animals are known to dart across roads unexpectedly, especially during dawn and dusk. Motorists on routes like Route 206 and Route 30 should exercise caution and maintain a safe speed to help mitigate these risks.

As a South Jersey resident or visitor, it’s crucial to recognize these potential danger zones and take proactive steps to travel as safely as possible. However, if you’re involved in a car crash in one of these danger zones despite your best efforts, don’t shy away from pursuing the compensation you deserve.