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Crash avoidance tech comes with pros and cons

Perhaps you were rear-ended when your automatic emergency braking activated for no reason at all, or perhaps an inattentive driver struck you despite the fact that that person had an advanced driver-assistance system, also known as ADAS. While ADAS tech has no doubt averted many accidents in New Jersey and across the country, it’s not without its flaws.

The positives about ADAS

First off, ADAS tech is composed of several features. The collision warning can alert drivers to an impending crash whether traveling on the highway or backing out of a parking lot. Blind-spot detection can allow for safe lane changes. Automatic emergency braking applies the brakes when drivers do not respond in time, and adaptive cruise control keeps the car from following too closely to other vehicles.

The result is a reduction in crashes and, consequently, bodily injury and property damage claims. The former claims are 27% less frequent and the latter 19% less frequent in ADAS vehicles according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Light-duty vehicle fleets can certainly benefit from ADAS; if each one installed this tech, the result would be $264 billion saved in crash-related expenses according to a researcher from Carnegie Mellon University.

Flaws and high cost among the negatives

ADAS features may not work correctly all the time. The sensors may mistake a car in the next lane for an oncoming vehicle and apply the automatic emergency braking when drivers are on an on-ramp. Cost is another obstacle, especially when auto insurers are not providing discounts.

One of the worst trends, though, involves drivers who mistakenly believe that ADAS, rather than merely assisting them, actually replaces them at the wheel. Many drivers using ADAS will use their phone, eat and drink or simply daydream, thinking that they are protected.

Filing an accident claim with a lawyer

Perhaps the driver who hit you was distracted in just such a way. Before pursuing your personal injury case against that driver’s auto insurance company, you may want a lawyer to evaluate the case. New Jersey is a no-fault state, so only those who have suffered severe injuries are eligible to file a third-party insurance claim.