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How do I recover from a third-party work injury?

Employees who suffer an injury while working can typically rely on workers’ compensation for the funds they need to recover. If the damage was the result of a third-party’s reckless or negligent behavior, do they need to pay compensation? If so, can an employee earn workers’ compensation and compensation from the third-party?

In 2018, the cost of workplace injuries was more than 170 billion dollars. When the price of a severe injury can cost tens of thousands of dollars, an employee needs to be sure they are doing everything in their power to secure their future.

How to maximize the compensation

Workers’ compensation can payout to an injured employee in addition to the employee pursuing and receiving third-party compensation. Workers’ compensation is relatively easy to earn if you compare it to seeking third-party compensation, however.

Compensation from a third-party rarely pays a fair amount without fighting for it. Insurance companies will often try to pay victims less than they deserve to save money for the company. Personal injury attorneys can act on behalf of their clients to negotiate for a settlement that accurately reflects the full cost of an injury and not just the initial costs.

Do not leave money on the table

If a victim of a workplace injury can receive money from both workers’ compensation and a third-party claim, not pursuing both is just leaving money on the table. Let an attorney review your unique situation to determine what the best course of action may be.