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More coffee may mean more crashes for truck drivers

If you were involved in an accident with a truck driver in South Jersey, and if you were not at fault, then you have good grounds for a claim. Proving the other’s negligence may be difficult in some cases, which is why it’s good to know the various ways that truckers can be at fault. Not only that, but it’s also important to see how factors like a trucker’s diet and caffeine consumption habits might contribute to a crash.

More coffee possibly means more crashes


One study focused entirely on truckers’ coffee-drinking habits and posited that those who drink more coffee are at a higher risk for an accident. It was conducted by a U.K. transport safety expert and members of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. From a pool of 11,000 drivers, they chose to focus on 3,007 from eight states because these said in a questionnaire that they drink either a single cup of coffee a day or more than five cups.

The truckers filled out a questionnaire and were told that their answers would never be shared with their employers. Asked if they had been in a crash in the previous three years, 21.6% of the truckers who drink one cup of coffee daily said yes. Of the second group, 27.8% said yes.

Poor health another consequence

Researchers are not denying that high amounts of coffee over the short term can help truckers get through the day. They also cannot say for certain that excessive coffee drinking caused the 6% difference in crash rate between the two groups. However, they did find that the high coffee drinkers suffer from poorer health overall. There were frank admissions of smoking, drinking more alcohol, having an unhealthy diet and failing to get restful sleep.

Lawyer for personalized representation

The trucker who hit you may have been having a bad day, but there’s no excuse for drowsy driving, inattentive driving or any other form of negligence. You may want a lawyer who works regularly on cases involving motor vehicle accidents; that way, you may have someone advocating for your right to compensatory damages while you focus on your physical recovery.