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The 5 most dangerous roads in New Jersey

New Jersey is relatively small in terms of geographic size. Yet, it arguably has more than its fair share of dangerous roads.

The list of the most dangerous roads in the state varies depending on whether issues concerning traffic volume, weather conditions or road design are at issue. With that said, these are five roads in New Jersey that are often considered to be particularly hazardous.

Route 287

Route 287 is known for its high traffic volume and frequent accidents. A combination of semitrucks, high speeds and merging traffic can make for dangerous driving conditions. In addition, Route 287 is often congested, which can lead to aggressive driving and an increased risk of collisions.

Route 22

Stretching across central New Jersey, Route 22 is notorious for its heavy traffic, limited visibility and aggressive drivers. This road has numerous intersections and traffic lights, which can cause confusion for drivers and contribute to accidents and injuries.

Route 130

Route 130 has been dubbed the “most dangerous road” in New Jersey by some reports. With a high rate of pedestrian fatalities and accidents, Route 130 is known for its insufficient pedestrian infrastructure, such as a lack of sidewalks and crosswalks in some areas, which increases safety risks for both drivers and pedestrians.

Route 1

As a major thoroughfare in New Jersey, Route 1 experiences heavy traffic and congestion, particularly during rush hour. A combination of high speeds, frequent lane changes and aggressive driving can create hazardous conditions. Additionally, the road has multiple intersections and jughandles, which can lead to wrecks.

Garden State Parkway

The Garden State Parkway spans the entire length of New Jersey and is known for its high volume of traffic and congestion. While it has a relatively low accident rate per mile, the sheer number of vehicles on the road makes the Parkway dangerous. Factors such as speeding, aggressive driving and tailgating can contribute to high collision rates.

While these are the most unsafe roads in the state, you can face dangers on any roadway. If you’re struck by a negligent driver, be sure that you get medical care right away. You may also opt to take legal action against that driver so you aren’t burdened financially by losses that rightfully belong on their shoulders.