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What causes truck rollovers?

It can be intimidating to share the road with a big rig, knowing that they outweigh your own little car by 20 times or more. It’s also scary to know that their size, height and weight all make commercial vehicles uniquely prone to rollovers.

Rollovers don’t just affect the truck and the trucker involved. They’re considered the precipitating event in major crashes involving 2% of all nonfatal wrecks and 4% of fatal ones involving trucks. The worst part is that they’re almost entirely avoidable.

So, what causes most trucks to rollover? Most of the problems relate to the fact that commercial trucks have a higher center of gravity than passenger vehicles, and drivers don’t always keep that in mind. Rollovers can happen because:

The winds are too strong

Experienced truck drivers know that strong winds can topple their rig, even on straight roads. Even 30 mph winds can make it difficult to navigate the highway, and winds that hit 40 mph or higher make it completely unsafe to be on the road.

The truck driver is distracted

Driver inattention can’t be discounted as a factor in rollover accidents. Truck drivers are under enormous pressure, these days, to keep their deliveries on schedule. Fatigued minds can wander on long trips, or drivers can be momentarily distracted by their GPS devices in unfamiliar areas.

The loads aren’t secure

Loading docks are full of inexperienced workers. Drivers should make certain that their loads are properly secured before they start out – but people get rushed and make mistakes. Unfortunately, an unbalanced or unsecured load can shift when a truck takes a curve and easily cause a rollover.

If you’ve suffered devastating injuries in a rollover crash with a truck or your loved one was killed, you have every right to expect the compensation you need to manage your recovery and protect your family. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to diminish claims unfairly, which is why obtaining experienced legal guidance is wise after a truck wreck.