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2 times slip-and-fall injuries can lead to serious injuries

Although falls are a leading cause of serious injury in the united states, individuals in businesses often fail to treat them as seriously as they should. Especially in a same-level fall, also known as a slip-and-fall, people may overlook the possibility of a severe injury.

Instead of reporting the issue at the business where they fell or going to see a doctor, they go home and then find themselves dealing with increasingly problematic symptoms in the following days. There are two situations in which your risk for a major injury after a slip and fall is more significant than it would be for the average person.

  1. When you are over the age of 55

Slip-and-falls are a leading cause of worker injuries once someone is 55 or older. Older adults have a lot more at risk when they slip and fall. Those over the age of 65 are more likely to end up in the hospital because they fall and are more likely to break a bone.

Not only does the climbing muscular strength and bone density increase the likelihood of a broken bone, but the effects of age on the immune system often mean that it takes older adults longer to heal from these injuries as well. Older adults may end up in a hospital or in need of extensive rehabilitation support all because they slipped in a spill at the grocery store.

  1. When you don’t stop yourself on the way to the floor

One of the worst possible slip-and-fall situations involves someone moving quickly and falling backward. If you lose your balance and fall backward, you could hit your head without slowing yourself down at all.

Your risk of a traumatic brain injury in that situation is much higher than it would be if you could slow your descent like catching yourself with your arms. Anytime someone hits their head or blacks out in a slip and fall, they are at elevated risk of a traumatic brain injury.

Broken bones and brain injuries can both leave people out of work for weeks and can cause thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Even less serious injuries, like soft tissue injuries, can cause significant lost wages and medical expenses. Responding appropriately to a slip-and-fall incident in a public space could help you bring a premises liability claim for the injuries you suffered.