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Gathering evidence after a truck accident

Large trucks are very important for businesses. Without semis, for example, it would be hard to deliver goods to towns and cities across the U.S. Rivers and railroads just don’t go as far as our highways and roads do. However, due to their weight and size, commercial trucks pose a real risk to other vehicles in New Jersey. If you get into an accident with a large truck, it’s important to gather some evidence afterwards.

The importance of evidence

The evidence you compile will help you tell your story and confirm that it’s true. This can be crucial when dealing with insurance companies or lawyers if you decide to pursue a civil lawsuit. You should take pictures of the damage and any skid marks on the road with your camera phone. You may want to try and get names and phone numbers for witnesses.

When the police arrive at the scenes of truck accidents, they will interview people and compile an official report of their own. You should try and get a copy of this after the fact. Sometimes, state police will send an official of their own who specializes in large truck accidents. You should also try and obtain a copy of their report. It might have information about problems with the way the truck was maintained or loaded.

Truckers are required to log the number of hours they work and miles they drive. If they’re over the specified legal limits, that can impact your case. Finally, it’s important to request that evidence from your accident be preserved. An attorney will know how to do this via a spoliation letter. It’s a good idea to work with a lawyer after a truck accident. They may be able to help you get the best deal from the insurance company.