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3 signs of negligence in a slip-and-fall accident

During times of winter maintenance, negligent business owners can allow major hazards to persist if they don’t promptly remove ice. Think about what it’s like after snowmelt refreezes. Certain times of the year means less precipitation and prolonged periods of colder temperatures. If these conditions are present, that slick ice can last for weeks or months.

Encountering a life-altering accident

A business owner has to be aware of ice on their walkways, steps and entrance/exits of their business. They enter through those same pathways every day (and could possibly have slipped themselves). It is a business priority to keep your patrons safe from such hazardous conditions, but if a business owner proves negligent here are some conditions necessary for establishing fault:

  1. The business owner was responsible for causing the hazardous condition
  2. The business owner was aware of the hazard and did not act to correct it
  3. The hazard was present long enough that the owner should have become aware of it to provide corrective measures

Pursuing compensation for your injuries

A slip and fall injury could have enormous repercussions on your health and livelihood if you’re an older person who sustained severe bodily damage. Even a young person, if they suffered a head injury, can be affected for years to come, could require medical treatment, face the possibility of lost wages and anticipate the emotional toll of these circumstances. If you received an injury because of a negligent business owner or property owner, find a personal injury attorney who can pursue your fair compensation.